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EGL Int’l Shutting Down as Network Reorganizes – JCK Magazine

At Bradley’s, we have the expertise necessary to accurately grade your diamond, so you can make the right decision. Brad Congress, Graduate Gemologist, will give you an honest and fair opinion as well as an education and experience that will impress.

“The largest issue is that the retail jeweler who distributes reports from outside the U.S. becomes responsible for the grading, which will be represented to the consumer. That will cause many issues and loss of money for the industry. We address grading issues with the gemologist/appraiser who writes the report or appraisal. If there isn’t anyone to speak with, the retailer takes on the responsibility of what was represented to the buyer.”

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Sellers are Responsible for Diamond Authentication:


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We at Bradley’s Jewelers are concerned about the large number of diamonds accompanied by questionable certificates and appraisals that are being sold throughout the country. The main purpose of these documents is to confuse the buyer into thinking they are getting a “better deal” on a diamond purchase. There are also many diamonds with undisclosed diamond treatments available. If you are told about this by your jeweler prior to the purchase and you have a full understanding of what you are buying then that is fine. If you are not made aware in advance, than that can lead to a variety of problems from durability to loss of value.

If you hear “we sell diamonds at below wholesale or wholesale prices” you will generally see that there are many diamonds to choose from with this type of jeweler. They will all seem to come with legitimate “certificates”. They all look very official.

However, if your certificate does not say GIA or EGL USA or AGS then you may be buying less than you bargained for. Let us be clear, there is nothing wrong with the diamond, as long as you are aware of what you are actually buying. Let’s give you an example: If you spend $20,000 on a diamond and the jeweler says it is really worth $30,000 and then provides you with a certificate and an appraisal that backs up the certificate stating the value to be much more than you paid, that may be a sign that you are getting a different quality than what is being represented. This now leads to higher insurance premiums for the life of that diamond. The second expense comes when you try to sell that stone, whether you are just upgrading your diamond or for any other reason. Nothing removes the romance quicker than finding out your diamond is worth much less than you thought or that the quality is a far cry from those credentials you were so sure were accurate and true.

We encourage you to come in for a free consultation. Let us give you an invaluable education about your diamond and run your diamond under a series of gemological tests in front of your eyes. There is an international gemological standard but these false documents have made their way through the country including Southwest Florida and into the hands of millions of consumers.

Since 2003, one of the world’s largest independent laboratories has been tied up in the courts for flooding the international diamond market with inaccurate and even unlawful documents. In 2003 the United States banned these diamond “certificates” from entering the country, but still they have flooded the market. Jewelers are selling them without regard to ethics or your best interests.

Call today to set up your appointment and talk with us, the area’s leading consumer advocates on this subject. You will be amazed at what you learn.