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10 Things That You Need to Know about Your Nails

Our nails is not just a canvas where we can express our artistic side, aside from manicure and mending a broken fingernail or stubbed toe, there are so many things that we need to know when it comes to our nails. Our nails is more than what meets our eyes and by this we mean that the nail is not just about the hard part we see that we paint over with polish. The nail plate or the hard part of the nail grows out from the matrix aka root and the little moon or the white portion of the nail at the base is end of the matrix.

Want to know more about your nails? Here are some intriguing facts you need to know.

  1. Our Fingernails grows at least 3.5 millimeters per month

According to studies, the nails on your dominant hand grows over a tenth of an inch every month which is more faster compared to the toe nails that only grows an average of 1.6 millimeters a month. Nail length will depend largely on the amount of nutrients you consume and how you care for your nails. You can refer to the use of Kiara sky dip nails to ensure that your nails are always safe and not harmful.

  1. Your Nails and Hair are made out of the same stuff

Not a lot of people know that both the hair and nails is made out of keratin that was put together in a different way but in essence, the food that is good for the hair will also work for the nail. Keratin is a type of protein and both nails and hair needs healthy oils and fats to keep them moisturized and strong. The key for a healthy nails and skin is a diet rich in vitamins, anti-oxidant vegies and fruits, minerals and protein.

  1. White spot on nails doesn’t mean calcium deficiency

Contrary to popular belief, the white spots on the nail doesn’t mean calcium and zinc deficiency, this is just a myth. White spots are common and harmless and they don’t mean any vitamin deficiency. It is possible that it is a trauma to the nail plate.

  1. Men’s nail grows faster compared to women

Except during pregnancy, men’s nails grows faster compared to women’s.

  1. Onychophagia is the habit of biting nails

Biting the nails is a common nervous habit as the same with hair pulling or twisting, picking the skin or tooth grinding. Studies conclude that children between 10-18 years old bite their nails and do this until they are 30. While nail biting is harmless, it is still a possible health risk that can contribute to skin infection and nail bed conditions.

  1. Letting the nails ‘breath’ is a must

While painting the nails is something that we love to do, expert suggest that it is best to reduce the amount of time that the nails are being polished to keep them healthy. Nail polish is quite drying to the nails because of the chemicals used to remove them. The nails at the tip of the fingers are made out of living tissue and smothering them with polish all the time will cause harm not only to the nail but also to your fingers.

  1. Nails can tell the condition of your body

Some of the most life-threatening diseases can be diagnosed by just examining the tips of your fingers. Diseases usually manifest through the nails and cases such as nail bed discoloration, capillaries in the cuticle and more can be first seen in the nails. So if you noticed something different in your nails consult a specialist immediately.

  1. Cuticles have a purpose

More than something that we need to remove, cuticle actually acts like a seal moisture to keep environmental germs from getting inside our body. That is why it is important to leave the picking to the experts and not to remove it for aesthetic purposes.

  1. Nails Need Blood to survive

Your nails just like the rest of the part of the body rely on blood to survive. This explains why after an injury, nails fall off because the blood stops from flowing. But once the blood starts to flow again on the nails, it will start growing a fresh one.

  1. Nails grow faster in the summer than in winter

Different times of the year can affect the speed growth of our body and nails is one of them.


Nails is also an important part of our body and it is important to take care of them properly in order to keep them healthy. Aside from healthy diet and managing stress, it is also good to get plenty of sleep to help the body and the nails reach their optimal health. Also using proper nail supplies to care for the nails is necessary. It is important to trust only the best nail supplies online store when getting products for your nails because you will get your money’s worth.