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10 Things That You Need to Know about Your Nails

Our nails is not just a canvas where we can express our artistic side, aside from manicure and mending a broken fingernail or stubbed toe, there are so many things that we need to know when it comes to our nails. Our nails is more than what meets our eyes and by this we mean that the nail is not just about the hard part we see that we paint over with polish. The nail plate or the hard part of the nail grows out from the matrix aka root and the little moon or the white portion of the nail at the base is end of the matrix.

Want to know more about your nails? Here are some intriguing facts you need to know.

  1. Our Fingernails grows at least 3.5 millimeters per month

According to studies, the nails on your dominant hand grows over a tenth of an inch every month which is more faster compared to the toe nails that only grows an average of 1.6 millimeters a month. Nail length will depend largely on the amount of nutrients you consume and how you care for your nails. You can refer to the use of Kiara sky dip nails to ensure that your nails are always safe and not harmful. (more…)

Best DND Nail Polish for You

From the world-acclaimed nail products brand, Daisy DND, came a host of nail polish labels that are commonly sold in countless stores online and otherwise all over the world. This company has a long history of involvement in nail and beauty import and distribution prior to becoming a brand of its own. Such a lengthy experience with customers and manufacturers provided the developers of the label a depth of understanding of what the fashion forward women of today need and want when choosing the best DND Nail Polish to go with.

Color Me Beauty

The hands that takes a lot of beating throughout the day deserve the best treatment that any woman can provide. The company behind the label understand that quite well. That is the reason why every time any woman would have her nails painted with a DND nail polish, her fingernails seem to shout out, “Color me beauty!” With a wide range of gel nail polish available to choose from, it would definitely be easy to do just that. 

DND Nail Polish

DND Gel For Every Woman

Anyone who would like to have a DND polish on her nails would have to choose from these product options: 

  • DUO Gel
  • DC Gel
  • Cat Eye
  • Mood Change
  • Gel Ink
  • DC Platinum
  • Spider Gel
  • 5D Cateye
  • Mermaid Collection 
  • Stardust

What is so interesting about these DND Gel products is the application required to create long-lasting, stunning nails. With a DND Nail polish, you won’t need base coats, bond-aids and primers. The brand offers DND Soak Off Gel Polish, a luminous nail paint that can easily be applied, feels more like natural nails as only a thin coat is required and also lasts longer with just a quick two-step professional system. What is more amazing is that these DND Gel Nail coatings are blended with essential vitamins that can make the nails grow stronger and healthier for even up to 21 days. 

Having one of these gel nail polish on your nails means less time to spend doing your nails, yet longer time enjoying how they look and feel on your claws. As these have been made to leave a gel layer on the nails, you will notice that the color on your fingernails stays great — no chipping, no lifting, no breaking. It may even make you wonder, how DND nails manage to stay that way for so long. The secret is in the proper application of the gel polish. Done right, you can enjoy stunning-looking nails for weeks. You might even be thinking of the next color to paint on your nails long before you would really need to have the color on your nails actually changed.  (more…)

What are SNS Nails?

Lovely nails are a must for the woman of today. Even if it takes hours to have such second look worthy nails, most women will be patient enough just to have their nails looking their best. To ensure that you get the best from one visit to a salon or a DIY mani or pedi, you need to make sure that you use one of the best nail colors available. One that can actually do the job without fail is what is sold in the market today as SNS nails.

sns nails

What are SNS Nails?

SNS is the short term for Signature Nail System, a well-known nail brand that has more than 30 years of experience in the nail industry. SNS Nails is the first to offer SNS dipping powder. This nail miracle system is used as a base for an interestingly beautiful and hard coating for nails that are formulated with nutrients,such as vitamins A, E, D, E and B5, and calcium. Once coated on the nails, your once boring claws will be transformed to dramatic fingernails that you can wear for weeks. You don’t even have to worry about damaging your nails for every use of the new formula actually improves its health.

What you will have with your use of any of the brand’s high-quality nail products is more than just beautiful nails. Your everyday wear will make your nails super-strong. You can keep a dent-free glossy nail with a durable surface for up to full two weeks.

SNS Nails is not gel. It is not acrylics. It is odor free. When applied on the nails, it looks and feels natural, too. You won’t even need a UV or LED light to make stunning nails that you can wear for days on end that won’t chip, of lift. It is also easier to remove than acrylics, although not as easy as removing shellac. The company claims that it is the most natural thing that you can have on your nails and turn your claws into something that you can rock and be proud about. (more…)